15 Strange And Bizarre Things Ovarian Cysts Do To The Body

symptoms of ovarian cysts in ovaries signs

Having cysts in your ovaries can have several effects in your body. These effects range from the normal, to the extreme, and sometimes swings to even the strange and bizarre. The following are some of the ovarian cyst symptoms that your body may have to endure as a result of having this condition.

1. Increase in your waistline

It is normal when ovarian cysts cause bloating of the abdomen – this is a common symptom for people who have large cysts. But there are several women, with cysts in their ovaries, who have experienced a significant increase in their waistlines.

The story of Sherilyn Hurdle is one case in point. And so is Lorna Fulton’s Case. The mere presence of cysts in the ovaries of these women made it necessary for them to change their dress sizes.

2. A Messed Up sense of touch

cysts cause a feeling of nodules under the skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body. For women, it is a sex organ - given the numerous nerves that it has.

While ovarian cysts predominantly affect the female reproductive system, and organs adjacent to it, it can have an effect on how your skin works. This is all because of this symptom of ovarian cysts: feeling like there are nodules under the skin.

3. Nausea and vomiting

ovarian cysts symptoms nausea and vomiting

It turns out that there are ways in which ovarian cyst symptoms can mimic the early signs of pregnancy. All this has to do with the effect that cysts have on the hormonal balance in the body.

4. Painful visits to the bathroom

cysts in ovaries can make bowel movement painful

Yes, cysts can also make bowel movement a nightmare.

This happens when a cyst in ovary grows in size to such an extent that it presses on the bowels and the bladder. With the functioning of your excretion system impaired, the body usually tries to inform you of this anomaly through pain.

5. Increased frequency of urination

increased visits to the toilet a sign of cysts in ovaries

Large cysts can have this effect on a woman’s body when they press against the bladder, thus reducing its ability to hold urine. With a reduced capacity to hold urine, you will need to empty your bladder more frequently. The problem only gets worse as the ovarian cyst grows.

6. Breathing problems

large cysts can affect breathing

There are reported cases where cysts grow to such an extent that they displace the diaphragm. This then affects the functioning of one’s respiratory system, and thus causing extensive breathing problems.

7. Interference with your menstrual cycle

irregular periods common symptom of ovarian cyst

The fact that they exist in the ovaries alone makes them capable of doing this. There is also the studies that indicate that ovarian cysts affect the hormonal balance in the body.

No matter the “whys”, it is a fact: women with cysts in their ovaries tend to experience changes in their menstrual cycles. They can cause heavier bleeding, shorter gaps in between periods, and sometimes longer gaps. This is an ovarian cyst symptom that simply varies from woman to woman.

8. Pain during sexual intercourse

pain during sex caused by cyst in ovary

Cysts on ovaries are a common cause of dyspareunia (pain during sexual intercourse).

Since a cyst is essentially a foreign body within your reproductive system, the pain that you feel during or after sex may be simply because of they press against adjacent organs or tissues.

Certain complex cysts may cause conditions such as endometriosis that usually affect the functioning of the reproductive system. An ovarian cyst can also rupture, and thus causing an infection. All these conditions may make you susceptible to injury during penetration.

9. Back problems


This is a confirmed and common symptom of having cysts in the ovaries. In cases where a woman has extremely large cysts, the additional weight, some weigh up to over 90lbs, can be a cause of back problems.

10. Messed up breasts

breast-tenderness-is-a symptom

This is also another ovarian cyst symptom, although not as common as pelvic pain, bloated abdomen or nausea. Some women experience breast tenderness as a result of ovarian cysts. You may thus feel pain in the breast area.

11. Bloated abdomen

bloating or heaviness in the abdomen area -cystic growths

One of the most common and early signs of ovarian cysts.

12. Dizzy spells and headaches

Cysts in some way can cause dizziness. This is an addition to feelings of fatigue and general tiredness. Some women also report having headaches.

13. Periods of abnormal uterine bleeding

abnormal uterine bleeding can be frustrating

This happens when a cyst ruptures, and thus releasing the cystic fluid that it holds. The type of abnormal vaginal discharge that results from such a cyst burst will however vary, depending on the type of cyst that one has. In case of a chocolate cyst, the discharge is bound to be dark-colored - chocolate-like in color.

14. A displaced uterus

This happened in at least one of the cases written about in the 5 shocking cases of large ovarian cyst blog post. The case of the Brazilian woman with the 11 inch cyst was even worse because it wasn’t just the uterus that was pushed out of place. Her digestive system was also affected – the doctors reported that her stomach contents were squished at the time of the diagnosis.

15. Inhibited ability to get pregnant

difficulty getting pregnant caused by ovarian cysts

Some women with ovarian cysts find it hard to get pregnant. Sometimes, it is the rupturing of a cyst that destroys a woman’s ovaries, at other times it is complications such as ovarian torsion that hinder the normal functioning of a woman’s reproductive system.

Complications that develop as a result of having ovarian cysts can also call for surgical intervention, a step that may kill a woman’s dream of having a baby.

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