What A 40 KG Monster Cyst Will Do To Your Body – Extreme Symptoms Of Large Ovarian Cysts

There are normal cysts. And there are monster cysts. Normal cysts have common ovarian cyst symptoms like nausea and vomiting, ovarian pain, a little bit of abnormal bleeding, increased frequency of urination, bloating and the likes. But a monster cyst takes ovarian cyst symptoms to a whole new level.

A 57 year old woman had one of these large ovarian cysts in her ovaries – 40 KGs (90 pounds) to be exact. And what the growth did to her body is almost unimaginable. Her case was documented in the Journal of Medical Case Reports. According to LiveScience, the following are some of the extreme effects of the presence of the cysts in the female reproductive system.

Difficult breathing symptom of large ovarian cysts

The ovarian cyst that the woman had was filled with mucus. This was nothing unusual as mucus-filled cysts are normal. The only unusual thing about the cystic growth was the fact that it was too large. This is what caused her to find it difficult to breathe.

According to Dr. Jonathan Herman, who is a an experienced obstetric surgeon in New York – he works at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, the difficulty in breathing symptom occurred mainly because the cyst had pushed against the woman’s diaphragm.

Therefore, the diaphragm couldn’t work as it should. It reduced her ability to inhale and exhale air given that the diaphragm plays one of the most important roles in the breathing process.

The resultant effect of this was that the woman couldn’t breathe properly. Her breathing was shallow. And every time the cyst grew larger, less and less oxygen was getting into her body. All this was caused by an ovarian cyst – one big bad monster cyst.

An increasing waistline symptom

This is actually what helped the woman to discover the presence of the large cyst in her body. What happened was that she noticed that she was increasingly gaining weight for no apparent reason. This happened until she decided that it made no sense.

When she went to the doctor, she found out that she was right. Her increasing waistline had nothing to do with her diet. It was all caused by a cystic growth in her reproductive system and the more the cyst became larger, the more her waistline increased – her weight too since the cyst was very heavy.

An ultrasound came to her rescue.

Extreme heaviness in the stomach

This is a common symptom of ovarian cyst. But in this woman, the size of the cyst made it unbearable. According to LiveScience, by the time the doctors operated on the woman for ovarian cyst removal, the cyst had squished the contents of her stomach.

You can imagine how horrible it must have felt to have a 40 KG worth of foreign material in her body. It’s super-uncomfortable.

Displaced uterus

Well, the cyst was large. It needed the space. And since the female reproductive system never makes a provision for the existence of such a large mass, the cyst had to create its own space. It ended pushing the woman’s uterus out of its normal position.

The story of the woman with a large ovarian cyst continues

Unfortunately for this woman, she had to worry about more than getting rid of the cyst. The doctors who were treating her noted that the cyst showed signs of being cancerous. She therefore had to undergo rounds of chemotherapy in order to deal with the cancer.

Luckily, the cancer was at an early stage. The cancer treatment worked.
Although she ended up losing her lymph nodes, fallopian tubes and her uterus, she survived the ordeal. She survived the monster cyst. And she survived a cancer attack.