The Top 3 Reasons Why Ovarian Cysts Will Kill You

Ovarian cysts are common in women who are past puberty. They rarely cause life-threatening symptoms. However, there are times when a cystic growth in a woman’s ovaries can lead to death. The following are the top 3 causes of death from cysts on ovaries.
1.Infections From Ovarian Cysts
There are times when a cyst ruptures. This usually happens in cases where a cyst has become too large to accommodate its own fluids. A cyst burst can also happen because of physical trauma.
Whichever the case, its rupture will lead to the release of fluids into the internal reproductive system of a woman. This is usually signified by abnormal bleeding between periods. Sharp pelvic and ovarian pain is also sometimes an indication of a cyst burst.
The release of these fluids into the reproductive system of a woman usually creates an environment that is conducive for infections. If this condition is not treated in time, it might lead to other complications that can eventually lead to death.
2.Ectopic Pregnancy Caused By Cystic Growths
After conception, the egg usually travels through the fallopian tube to the uterus so as to be implanted on the uterine wall. Sometimes, its movement is usually hampered and thus causing it to start developing within the fallopian tube. This is what usually leads to an ectopic pregnancy.
An ectopic pregnancy is a rare pregnancy complication. Genetics is usually to blame for most cases of ectopic pregnancies. However, there are cases where this pregnancy complication is brought about by the presence of cysts in ovaries.
Complex ovarian cysts such as an endometrioid cyst can lead to the scarring of the fallopian tube. This is especially in cases where the chocolate cyst bursts, releasing its contents in the fallopian tube. This usually results in the formation of tissues within the fallopian tube, something which might make it difficult for the egg to move along. Scarring of the fallopian tube as a result of an infection caused by a cystic burst might also cause an ectopic pregnancy.
This type of pregnancy complication, when not taken care of in time, can kill you.
Bleeding ovarian cysts can cause anemia. In cases where the bleeding, caused by cysts on ovaries, is extreme, it can lead to death. This is one of the main reasons why a woman is usually advised to seek the immediate attention of a doctor as soon as she starts experiencing abnormal bleeding in between periods.